Organising your port welfare committee: agendas and minutes

Organising your PWC: agendas and minutes

It is important to send an agenda to PWC members ahead of the meeting. The agenda should include any written reports that the board, its constituents or local members, have requested to be submitted. Accurate minutes of the meeting are also important and, once agreed with the chairman, they should be circulated to all members to ensure that they are a true account. Minutes should ideally be circulated within 21 days of any meeting to ensure that they remain topical. Items regularly discussed at PWC meetings around the world are funding issues, suggestions to improve joint efforts, co-ordinating and allocating tasks, and improvement of facilities and services for seafarers (including, for example, transport and sports facilities).

Reports of members

Members should be encouraged to send written reports to the secretary, in time for distribution with the agenda for the next meeting. This is particularly important when there is an issue of concern, as it will enable other members to make a considered response and suggestions. Verbal reports can be made either as a substitute or an update.


Beginning or ending a meeting with refreshments is a good idea. It helps members to meet socially and so develop closer working relationships.

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