10 reasons to create a national welfare board

There are many benefits to having a national seafarers’ welfare board, including:

  • Compliance with ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006.
  • They provide an impartial forum in which to consider and review issues of seafarers’ welfare.
  • They encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills by creating a network of people and organisations involved in seafarer’s welfare.
  • Lobbying strength. A national welfare board provides a national lobby group for seafarers’ welfare, its funding and provision.
  • A national welfare board is an independent organisation that can review and recommend proposed projects and grant applications.
  • International representation; a national welfare board creates a platform for representation at international forums such as ICSW.
  • They bring together regionally diverse groups of the shipping industry’s stakeholders to meet welfare objectives.
  • They oversee the uniform distribution of services to provide welfare to domiciled and visiting seafarers.
  • They help prevent the duplication of effort by stakeholders.
  • They promote seafarers’ visibility to non-seafarers.
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