Community Fundraising

Community fundraising involves recruiting or encouraging volunteers and supporters to take part in sponsored events, or hold their own events and activities to raise funds for your organisation. It can also be effective in raising awareness of the organisation and growing its supporter base, as well as bringing in unrestricted income. Volunteers and supporters willing to take part in sponsored activities such as marathons, or who organise and carry out their own fundraising events, will expect a minimum level of support. The list below contains examples of resources that can be made available by the organisation depending on budget;

  • Branded sponsorship forms
  • A booklet of fundraising ideas and suggestions to get them started
  • Information about your activities to distribute at events including opportunities to make a donation
  • Branded t-shirts/badges
  • Branded collection boxes

For larger, public events, it is important to consider opportunities to recruit new supporters and capture their contact details for future fundraising and relationship building.

To encourage and promote fundraising ideas within your community you can;

  • Research local and national sponsored events such as marathons, bike rides etc and recruit individuals to take part
  • Promote the organisation amongst local schools, colleges, and other community groups with information about how to get involved and fundraise
  • Include community fundraising ideas and information on your website. There are endless ideas to steal, try websites such as to get started
  • Investigate online resources such as which will help promote your organisation and collect sponsorship money up front.

For any events organised by yourselves, ensure that the venue for your event has the relevant licences and insurance as required in your country.

Event organisation is time consuming and can require considerable expenditure. To ensure it pays off, you need to develop a clear event plan in advance, clarifying the objectives and income target for the event and be sure that all of your activities and expenses clearly relate back to achieving that target.

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