These funds come from sources linked to government, local authority or other such legal bodies. The most common examples are funds given out by aid departments of governments, such as USAID, DANIDA (Denmark) and DFID (UK). Criteria will usually reflect the aid policy of the particular country making the grant.

These sources of funding usually have very strict criteria and eligibility to funding varies across the many sources available. They are complex to apply for and usually are awarded on the basis of a strict contract, tendering exercise or specific calls for proposal that moves forward the agenda of the funder as well as the funded. This area is complex, difficult to access and with strong criteria around delivery, but the funds distributed can be very large and worth the time invested.

Some smaller grants may be available from local government or places such as country embassies.  Most embassies (particularly those from wealthy countries) will receive some aid money from their government and have the freedom to set local criteria and donate accordingly. Check their individual websites for details of funds and other information.

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