Key Reasons To Create a Fundraising Strategy

A fundraising strategy allows your organisation to identify its financial need and clearly plan how to raise the income to meet it.

It should include your income targets, realistic timeframes for achieving them, the fundraising techniques you plan to use, the resources you will need and the risks you may face along with the mitigation for them.

Important reasons to create a fundraising strategy for your organisation are;

  1. To clarify your organisation’s financial need and the income required to meet it
  2. To set realistic income targets within set timeframes that can be monitored and reviewed/revised as you progress
  3. To focus your resources on the most appropriate fundraising techniques
  4. To identify risks and barriers to your fundraising from the outset and devise plans to mitigate them
  5. To unite all of the organisation’s staff in their fundraising efforts
  6. To broaden your income streams and avoid dependency on a single source
  7. To help your organisation to grow its income and activities over the long-term
  8. To build stronger relationships with your supporters and increase their life-time value
  9. To maximise opportunities for raising both funds and awareness
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