Fundraising for the Duckdalben Seafarers Centre

The fundraising activity that has had the most significant positive impact has been our decision five years ago to participate in the Bus Tours of our port area.  The Bus Tours are organised by an external company and the Duckdalben Seafarers Centre is featured as a stop on the tour, and the only place where refreshments and toilet facilities are provided for the tourists.  In that respect, the tourists can see for themselves how much the Seafarers Centre is needed on the port as the only social venue available to seafarers.

We have a donations box available and collect cash donations from tourists as they visit.  This has proved very profitable, raising 28,000 Euros last year alone.  We do not collect name and address details from the tourists for future mailings as this wouldn’t seem appropriate during their informal visits, but we do give them information leaflets to take away and often receive subsequent donations from them this way.


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