Creating Italy’s National Welfare Board: a case study

Forming Italy’s national welfare board

Italy’s national welfare board began positively, when the Apostleship of the Sea and the Corps of the Port Captaincies joined forces. The national welfare board’s first chair was the Commander General of the Coast Guard.

These founding members worked hard to involve other key people and organisations, including:

  • Pilots
  • Port authorities
  • Ship owners
  • The port agent’s association
  • Organisations involved in seafarer’s administration
  • Government agencies

The national welfare board went on to develop terms of reference for port welfare committees. By 2009 they had established around 20 committees. These were set up under the guidance of the local port captaincies who were encouraged to do so personally by their Commander General. In all but two cases, the chair of the local PWC is also the local port captain.

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